Mountain Viet Veterinary Health Center

Mission Statement


We believe in and recognize the benefits of the human/animal bond in our daily lives. Furthermore, we believe that through that bond, we may experience unconditional love and personal awareness through obedience and discipline and enjoy what life offers us. Lastly, we believe that animals can help us be better people.

We work to achieve and maintain this bond through a timely and complete evaluation of each patient at each visit by striving for a fear-free environment, state-of-the-art care in preventative, diagnostic, and treatment regimens, and other complementary services. All these services increase our ability to provide for our client’s pets’ physical and emotional well-being.

We communicate to our clients:

  1. The results of physical exams and diagnostic tests,
  2. The significance of those results, and
  3. The benefits, as well as the risks, associated with health care and treatment options.

We believe in the power of client education and expect our clients to be involved in decision-making regarding the care of their pets. Those decisions will emphasize preventive health strategies, quality care, quality of life, dignity, and relief from suffering.

We acknowledge the need to be a part of our communities through active participation and support of neighborhoods and non-profit organizations, whether connected with animal care, animal welfare, or otherwise.